Embracing an attitude of lifelong learning in the journey and committing to ongoing change.

Listen to those who have walked the journey

Have you got families who have walked the journey into committing and thriving? What can you learn from their journey? How can this shape the journey of others?

The goal is to thrive!

Who in your community is gifted in discipleship and can bring the best out of people? Who can teach the basics as well as the building blocks so there are thriving new disciples. How does your church equip others to share their faith?

Help others replicate what they’ve experienced

Where church life has impacted one family, are there ways that they can go and do the same? Where can they serve in their locality and friendship groups. Where can they see culture change?

Change culture

How can you move your community-facing ministries to be central to your church's vision, so the culture is taken on by the whole congregation. How can your church bring culture-change in the community.

We had a prayer station at our Family Faith Funday, where people had a chat as well as received prayer. One parent became a Christian! - New Life Church Crouch Valley

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