Cups on a String

To mark 25 years of bringing hope and a future to struggling children across the UK, we’re collaborating with the Riding Lights Theatre Company to share their stories with you. 

Joe’s eleven and home is hard. School is even harder. He breaks stuff: pencils, chairs, rules. One thing he won’t break is his silence.

Heather’s fifty-seven. She’s got a comfortable life and a comfortable home. But once a week, every week, she spends a very uncomfortable hour as Joe shares his story.

Where will this journey of hours and weeks take them?

Cups on a String is a warm-hearted and moving new play, developed from remarkable true stories. It’s about playfulness, listening and laughter, and how risk-taking and trust can lead to growth and transformation.

Challenging, surprising and hopeful, Cups on a String will take audiences into the heart of the friendship between Heather and Joe, and the profound impact it has on them both.

We are looking for churches across the country who will be willing to host this one-off, one-of-a-kind theatre production to lift the lid on childhood trauma, giving a glimpse into the deepest and most extraordinary stories to come out of TLG.

To host a performance in your church, register your interest with us for more details.

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“The ability of Riding Lights to take an audience deep into the struggles of children and young people is incredible. This window of opportunity to see the difference one caring adult can make will be transformational in the understanding and call to action for audiences across the UK.” - - Tim Morfin OBE

Coming this Autumn... watch this space! 

Tour dates: Thursday 26th September - Friday 22nd November 2024. (Excl. Sun 27th October – Sun 3rd November)

Tickets will be on sale soon 


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