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The scale of holiday hunger is huge, with over 1.5 million children receiving Free School Meals and millions more children living in poverty. It poses an urgent question. What happens to the children in your community during the thirteen weeks of the school holidays? For too many, the food runs out.  

But what if your church could bring the answer? 

TLG Make Lunch enables and equips churches to bring hope to struggling children through holiday lunch clubs. Each club provides free, hot and healthy meals to children and families who would otherwise go hungry. Through TLG Make Lunch, your church can provide vital support to some of the most vulnerable children in your community and, in addition, build relationships with families in desperate need of the loving support of your compassionate church family. 

We’ve seen that churches in every context can provide a lifeline during the school holidays. Since Make Lunch began, our partner churches have cooked and served over 100,000 meals in more than 100 locations across the UK. All our kitchens are run by volunteers who believe that even just one meal for one child could make a vital difference.

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Things had got so bad that my daughter's school had put things in place for us over the school holidays. One of the things we were told about was the Make Lunch club at the Baptist church in town. Make Lunch has turned out to be a lifesaver for us – a complete godsend. - Joanne, mum of one

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Our vision is to see TLG Make Lunch clubs transforming the lives of struggling children and families in all four corners of the UK. To explore whether your church could run a TLG Make Lunch club, begin the journey today by making an enquiry and download our helpful brochure. Just click the buttons below!

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This is a resource site for Lunch Makers - those of you who are overseeing the running of all our Make Lunch Kitchens across the UK. Log in here to access resources, ideas, recipes, policy documents and more.

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To see the real impact that TLG Make Lunch has on the lives of children at risk of going hungry during the school holidays, take a look at these amazing stories of transformation from some of the families we've supported:

Julie's story

Julie's story

School holidays used to be difficult for Julie's family. That was until her local church began TLG Make Lunch.

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Leon and Helen's story

Leon and Helen's story

Out of the blue, Leon and his mum Helen found themselves invited to TLG Make Lunch at their local church in Hull. It was once a long and challenging 6 weeks, but now the summer break is one of their favourite times of the year.

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Joanne and Marcie's story

Joanne and Marcie's story

Marcie is one of over a million children that receive free school meals during term-time. For her mum Joanne, it was a local church that provided the answer to her most frightening fear: ‘how will I feed my daughter?’

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