Fundraise for us

We are always full of gratitude toward those who join with us by fundraising on behalf of struggling children and their families. Thank you for standing with us!


Let's get Fundraising, it's simple!


STEP 1: Choose an activity
Whether you choose a challenge like climbing mount everest, plan a tea party or walk around your garden, choose an activity that you will enjoy doing and one that will inspire your social network to donate. Make it relevant, inspiring and fun!

STEP 2: Go online 
Use or another fundraising platform which will link to the online platforms where you usually connect with your friends, family and wider network. Here you can post progress updates and they can support you in a variety of ways by sending messages of encouragement, posting photos, short film clips and most importantly they can give financially.

STEP 3: Tell us about it! 
Send us your photos & films and let us know your start date so we can encourage you by liking your posts and post your digital content on the TLG digital platforms too!

STEP 4: Thank you!
As a thank you, we would love to send you a TLG T-Shirt! and for those who are running, a TLG running vest.


If you have any questions about fundraising on behalf of TLG, the supporter care team would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 01274 900 377 or alternatively fill in the following form & someone will be in touch.

For any other enquiries, just give us a ring or complete this form: 

Tell me more about fundraising for TLG!