Creating a safe atmosphere where every individual feels valued and part of the group

Remember we’re all on a journey

Create spaces in your community, free of judgment, where everyone can be themselves and share life’s joys and struggles.

Acknowledge we all have a past

Are we willing to sit with people in their place of brokenness? Are we willing to keep pulling each other out of unhealthy patterns? Create space to listen, sacrificing time to lean in.

Meet people where they are at

Do we expect people to come to us for help or are we willing to ‘cross over the road’ to them? Sometimes what may seem like an easy step for some is too big for others. Attending a small group for the first time when everyone knows each other might be scary, could someone they know meet them and travel together so they aren’t walking in alone?

Make space to ask

Think about where there are intentional spaces to grapple with the bigger questions of faith. If there aren’t, how can you facilitate this relationally or centrally?

‘Loads of positives to celebrate but I think the major one is how we had a lot of feedback stating how people feel like they belong to a community once more!’ - St Peters Loudwater

Additional Resources

Here is an additional resource to assist you on the journey.

Safe Families Belonging Course

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