Will you colour their world?

Become a Hope Giver today.

The double impact of Covid and the cost of living crisis mean that there are thousands of children who URGENTLY need our help. We must act today to equip churches and schools to deal with the growing emotional health crisis that children are facing. 

I will become a Hope Giver today!

Where your money goes

Just like you, our number one priority is, and always will be, that TLG makes the biggest possible difference we can for struggling children and families. That's why we're open about what happens to money you donate.

For every pound you donate to TLG, we invest 90p in supporting children through our projects. We use 9p to raise further funds, and we put 1p towards governance to ensure we are effective and accountable in all that we do.

For a full breakdown of TLG's financial status, our annual accounts and Trustees report are published on the website of the Charity Commission.

I can’t tell everybody who has given money to TLG how thankful I am. Without you guys TLG wouldn’t happen. - Courtney, aged 15

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