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TLG Education Centres are run during the week by churches passionate about serving excluded youth in their community.

These small OFSTED inspected schools are run by a local church and TLG offering holistic 12 week programmes to help excluded teenagers aged 11-16. Centres are a lifeline, giving them the chance to catch up on missed qualifications, raise their aspirations and provide building blocks for a better life. 

TLG Education Centres are a safe place for young people to learn in an environment where they are valued, cared for and belong. Our young people come to TLG each day knowing that they're important, from the day they begin to the day they return to mainstream school or go on to college. Volunteers from the church also play a valuable role in reaching out to support the families of the young people at the Centre.

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What has changed is our child’s ability to cope. They are happier and managing far better now than they ever did at any stage in their previous school lives. Our thanks to TLG. They changed our child’s life. - TLG young person's mum

One of our students, Jarek, discovered that attending TLG gave him the space he needed to explore and make sense of the choices he made. His one to one time with teachers gave him extra support to talk through his personal struggles and make up for the time at school he had lost. Watch Jarek's story below to hear how his outlook towards education has transformed and how he now has big ambitions for his future.

We want to enable more churches to reach out to young people who, like Jarek, are struggling in their education. To make an enquiry about partnering with TLG to set up an Education Centre please click here:

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For more information on how to set up a TLG Education Centre, please download our prospectus.

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