Abdi’s Story

Before Abdi joined TLG, his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) had not yet been identified. As a result, school life felt chaotic and out of control.

Abdi was very spontaneous in his activity, making him increasingly vulnerable - whether that was hopping on a bus to the middle of nowhere or starting to talk to strangers on the streets.

“School life before TLG was hard. I wasn’t focused, I didn’t really care what happened to my future. I didn’t put a lot of thought into my work at all,” says Abdi.

Mainstream school wasn’t able to meet Abdi’s needs and this was creating tension at home – his parents were keen to find him some alternative support. “There was a lot of stress with my parents before I started at TLG,” said Abdi.

Things began to rapidly change when Abdi joined the TLG West London Education Centre. The centre became a sanctuary and a safe space for Abdi – he had finally found somewhere where he could be himself, where he could be Abdi.

“I’ve felt accepted at TLG. The staff helped me a lot, mentally and emotionally. They also gave me mentoring sessions too, to help keep my mentality straight.”

The staff team worked with Abdi in a very therapeutic manner, enabling him to not only settle, but to thrive. Deborah Barnett, the TLG West London Headteacher at the time, said: “Abdi is the life and soul of the party! He would raise such interesting points in class!”

Over a year on since being at the TLG West London centre, the staff team have been able to sow into his aspirations and speak into what he wants for his future life. The centre has also become an excellent conduit between home and school life, with great connections between staff and Abdi’s parents throughout COVID-19.

“TLG helped me to understand myself and recognise what I can do better in the future. That helps my mum and dad a lot,” says Abdi. Abdi has been able to continue connecting with his teachers each day over video, even throughout lockdown. Adapting to online learning, he’s risen to the challenge and has made his parents so proud.

“I feel optimistic about the future now. Mentally and emotionally, I know that TLG is there to help me.”

As our country counts the cost of COVID-19, there are millions of children like Abdi in urgent need of pastoral and practical support. We were able to reach Abdi thanks to the thousands of supporters who give generously to TLG. However, without your help, other children will continue to walk the long road alone, with devastating life-long consequences.

But there is hope for these children. 

Our community of Hope Givers are like-minded people who share in our vision that no child or family should struggle alone. Hope Givers are monthly donors to TLG. Their generosity helps transform the lives of children like Abdi, enabling TLG to reach many more of the young people currently struggling alone. 

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Important update about TLG Education Centres;

As valued supporters of the work of TLG, we would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read this update on changes to the way TLG are going to be supporting struggling children and families.

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“I feel optimistic about the future now. Mentally and emotionally, I know that TLG is there to help me.”