Marcel’s Story

Marcel’s transition from primary to secondary school did not go smoothly.

“He struggled when he started secondary school,” says Linda, one of Marcel’s teachers at TLG. He experienced several fixed term exclusions for persistent disruption, which resulted in Marcel being placed into a Pupil Referral Unit. “However, the staff at the unit said his behaviour was so low level that he needed specialist help and support. They sent him home.”

“At first, the move to secondary school was exciting! I got to go with my best friend. But I found it hard to focus and I was distracted,” Marcel reminisces. “I would get sent out or put in isolation but I found the lessons difficult and I struggled to understand. Then I got kicked out of school for a long time.”

Linda continues, “The Pupil Referral Unit decided they would teach Marcel online while they decided the best place for him to be. Due to the pandemic, Marcel ended up spending 18 months online at home, without interaction with his peers.”

“When I was at home I was bored and upset,” says Marcel. “I was stuck in the same 4 walls for 18 months. All day in that room… waking up, working by myself, then going to sleep again, it was very sad.”

Eventually, Marcel was diagnosed with ADHD. During this period, there were several traumatic incidents that caused further turmoil for Marcel. This was during the height of the pandemic, which inadvertently affected his mental and emotional health too.

After a year and a half working online at home, Marcel was referred to a TLG Education Centre.

“I was so excited to come to TLG!” says Marcel. “It’s fun being around children my age because I didn’t get that for a very long time. I feel happier and I can socialise. I feel safer at TLG.”

Marcel continues, “We get support in the lessons and it’s much easier to understand. The environment helps me, there are less of us and we are all well attended to. I can stay more focused.”

“He settled in really well,” says Linda enthusiastically. “He’s been learning how to get on well with other young people and he’s been a joy to be around. He loves English and drama – he loves to perform! We’ve seen him come on leaps and bounds.”

“I think TLG has given Marcel, and his mum, hope. When I first spoke with his mum about TLG she was very enthusiastic about him coming. She really does appreciate the support that we’ve given Marcel in his education.”

Marcel beams, “TLG is an environment which is really supportive. I know which areas I’m good at and where I can improve. TLG motivates you and helps you change your life for the better.” He continues, “My plans for the future – there are a lot! I’m interested in being be a music teacher.”

“Thank you, TLG!”


Important update about TLG Education Centres;

As valued supporters of the work of TLG, we would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read this update on changes to the way TLG are going to be supporting struggling children and families.

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