Curiosity towards the difference seen in others.

I am exploring because I have noticed something different about you. I have noticed something in me which has changed a little, like I’m ‘waking up’ to seeing things differently. You’re not like lots of other people I have met. You give me time, space and even generosity when I have been in need. You are consistent and follow through with what you say you will do. This means I can begin to trust you. You don’t bring any agenda when we chat, you just listen and let me express where I am at. You are genuine and truly listen to me like I’m the only one in the room. Sometimes you answer my questions and other times you know that I need to work that out for myself. I appreciate our conversations.  

I am cautious and guarded. I am wondering if I ‘fit’ and if what you have got is real and genuine. I am curious because something moves my very core and I like what I see in how you live your life. Thank you for inviting me into your world. I would like to let you into mine, but that may take some more time. I am grateful that you trust me to meet your friends, and maybe they could be mine one day.  

P.A.C.E. things...


Be authentic, be you. 


Be consistent, don’t begin to judge me. 


Hear the questions I’m not asking yet - be aware, but don’t answer. 


Can you walk in my shoes, even when they’re uncomfortable? 

Sarah's story

“Took me a while to walk in, I don’t like being around a lot of people, but after five minutes it was fine…The people…they don’t judge you, they talk to you” 

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