Awareness of self and recognising something different in others.

I am already on a journey. It has probably been going on for a while in one shape or another, but I am just realising I’ve been noticing something different and I can’t quite put my finger on what that means yet. While I am ‘noticing’, I appreciate space, and to feel safe and secure. Pressure can be threatening to me and so instead I need a patient friendship. Realise that I’m on a journey that hasn’t started just when we met, but that has been going on before this. I welcome invitations and I am pleased you asked, but do think about where may be best for me to meet with you as some places may make me a bit nervous.  

I really value and appreciate your availability, present engagement and genuine interest in me. It’s so rare to find a place where people actively listen and respond to my need. I enjoy connecting but it needs to be on my terms. Although I appreciate your time, I might take a while to come out of my shell and open up, but please be patient with me and love me. Trust between us will help me speak. On some days I may seem a mess but that shows you that I can be myself in your company.   

P.A.C.E. things...


Keep it light. Give me space. Meet me where I am. 


Just listen, don’t fix. 


Posture sensitively, listen with your eyes. 


Keep listening, keep hearing my story. 

Rory's story

“I was one of them tricky students…The more I got to know everyone else, it started to become a little bit like our family…we all get on well….I look up to him, he’s like my brother” 

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