Actively seeking out others, in order to participate and belong.

As I engage, I appreciate the ability to be seen and heard. I value seeing people ‘like me’ as a friendly and open point of contact, and with easy steps to connect with others. It would be helpful if I knew exactly what to expect, without you making assumptions that I already know.  

I bring gifts, interests and passions with me. If they can be used, please invite me in somehow so I can participate in what’s going on. This helps me feel part of the bigger picture and helps me ‘join in’ and excel at what I’m good at. If I don’t ‘fit’ anywhere yet, ask me how I thrive and be creative about what could be missing. I will also make friends on the way, especially if I get a good welcome! I will continue to show up if I know that you will show up. You’ve not let me down so far so my trust is growing. I’ve been let down many times before and now I’m beginning to see that you’re different and keep your word. Because I am growing in trust of you, I am beginning to trust those who you trust. I think I’d like to get to know your friends one day.  

P.A.C.E. things...


Invite me into spaces that could bring me life. 


See the gold I have to offer, even when I can’t see it myself.


Be encouraging as my trust grows. 


Keep showing up with me. 

Nicki's story

“It’s the friendship with the people who run it and the people you meet” 

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