Feeling safe enough to bring one’s whole self.​

I appreciate space to just be me. I am interested in what is going on in you and in others that I meet. I see a difference in how you live and I am intrigued, but I am thankful that you give me space and time to work life out at my own pace. Meanwhile, you’re always walking it with me! Thank you for affirming me and accepting me for who I am. It’s like you see the good bits of me and celebrate the potential, as well as letting me be real with how I am feeling in what life looks like right now. I know that you accept me however I am feeling, and that we’ve had some really good open and honest conversations. Model forgiveness to me and show me what it looks like practically. Even when I ‘mis-step’ with how I want to live, thank you for calling out the gold so that I have something to run towards. I have never experienced being loved and accepted like this however I’m feeling, and whatever my life looks like right now. Don’t be surprised if I’m at this stage for as long as it takes. My past may well bring up stuff that’s too painful to share, and my future may seem daunting. I know it can be messy, but that’s what I am used to. Sometimes things just catch up with me. Thanks for entering my world as much as you have invited me into yours.  Thank you for never promising me that it’ll be easy but always showing your belief that it’s worth it! 

P.A.C.E. things...


Find interesting places for us to share. 


Be flexible, adjust to my pace. 


Be intentionally curious about all the good in me. 


Walk with me, be present. 

Sophie and Ellis' story

"It was a huge relief when Gerry came along. Things weren’t so hard for me anymore and I’m more open to being myself now."

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