Realising and being open to the possibility of greater transformation.

I am intrigued to know more. I feel so safe with you and your friends that I have been introduced to on the journey of discovery with you. Often, this is me asking a question or sharing an experience that I would like to hear your thoughts on. We often do this naturally in conversation but I would be open to an invitation to gatherings, which your friends are at too. I appreciate your gentle steering with those ‘light bulb’ moments I have. We have always done life so differently so I really like that you encourage me to explore for myself and in my way. I am thankful to have met others that have been on a similar journey through life to me. To see where they are at now gives me great hope and encouragement. I really like discovering on my own as well as with our friends, and I am thankful for the skills you have given me to help me do that. Please keep teaching me skills so I can learn myself, as well as with you.  

Don’t be shocked by what I might share! Life is real and I like it when I hear stories that are real too. Show me different ways of discovering and things that I can relate to. I’ve never been one for doing things in a ‘classic’ way and I appreciate being able to bring the way I learn to our time together. Maybe I can share that with you? I like it when we bring our different perspectives to see the world from different angles together. 

P.A.C.E. things...


Let’s be intentional, let’s talk about the real stuff, let's have fun. 


Let’s lean into our differences, they make a deeper friendship. 


Let’s learn together. 


Understand how I learn, show me how you learn. 

Ruby's story

“I know that God has a plan for all of us and that He loves me” 

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