Equipped and released to live life to the full and lead others on the journey too.

I value my accountable friendships that feel like I’m being sharpened to be the best of myself! It’s not always easy as life throws challenges, but to know I’m on this journey with friends that feel like family makes everything so much more bearable. I now feel a bit like you! I’ve got alongside someone that I’ve just met and started to bring them along on the journey. You see, I’m convinced that this journey is what I’m living for and I want as many people to know that too! So many people who have known me for years see such a difference in me. They say that I am confident and full of life, and I feel it! It doesn’t mean there won’t be times where I slip up – we all do – but I do know that I always have people right beside me when I do.  

 I can’t wait to help more people from where I started with you, and to see the difference in their lives. I want to be a role model for others like you and others have been for me. I want to see others equipped and released to be fully them too. It’s hard sometimes though, isn’t it?! Thanks for reassuring me to look after myself as I care for others. I love that you challenge me and that I can do the same for others. Thank you for still giving so much to me. Thanks for helping me address the ‘stuff’ of life that can get in the way. I feel freer than I ever have done! 

P.A.C.E. things...


Stay with me in friendship, fun and family. 


Champion me as I live in fullness. 


Help me be the best I can be for others. 


Celebrate the way I empathise with others. 

Zainab's story

"Wow…you’ve gone through all of that and you’re here teaching us…why would you come back?!”

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