Developing and experiencing greater transformation through active journeying with others.

My adventure is only just beginning! I really appreciate grounding and exploring what faith means to me. I would love help with this and to continue to overcome obstacles. I welcome basic, practical examples with easy-to-understand dialogue, as well as appreciation of where I am in my journey. I really like it when we meet with others and can grow together. I will take time to open up to bigger groups but I also like belonging to a wider family. Belonging helps me with big decisions and helps me to embrace faith-stretching opportunities. Connecting me to others makes me less dependent on you, and it also opens up my world to exploring other gifts and expressions of faith. I really appreciate you letting go of expectations and encouraging me to run this race that is marked out for me. Thank you for empowering me and giving me responsibility within a healthy structure that will catch me if I stumble or fall. These opportunities are so key for my growth. I value a place where I can make mistakes, and then with full acceptance, you encourage me to try again. I appreciate the accountability with you and with others in my life, and how you live that culture without it becoming control. You have so much respect for me and what I carry, and this releases me to fly higher. I love how we have grown together. This started with you investing in me, but we are friends as well as family, we do life together and we learn and grow together. We keep each other on track and have a laugh along the way!  

P.A.C.E. things...


Notice me flying higher.  


Keep seeing me, keep encouraging me. 


Ground me, release me. 


Connect me with others who will see me too. 

Danny's story

“Chains are broken. I’m able to look to one person, and that’s God, and say thank you” 

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