What a day to remember!

What a day to remember!

29th May 2019

What a day to remember! We were blown away by the encouragement, faith and support we received as we gathered with supporters and volunteers to celebrate 20 years of TLG.

We had such a brilliant day celebrating with hundreds of people from all over the UK and beyond; all passionate about engaging their churches in the lives of struggling children and families in their communities. So many guests said that they were amazed by Millie-Rae's story of her journey towards God and were moved to tears hearing how Lewis, the first TLG student, has been saved from a life of crime and despair. It was fantastic to welcome back past students, and hear how God has worked in their lives through TLG. Every story of transformation is a powerful testimony of the Church in action.

Millie-Rae on stge

Millie-Rae sharing her inspiring story on stage.


It has been said that ‘mission is finding out what God is doing and joining in’ - that couldn’t be more true for us. At the 20 Year Celebration we were celebrating not so much what the TLG team has achieved over twenty years, but what God has done through ordinary people who chose to join in.

In essence that’s what TLG is: ordinary people like you and me making an extraordinary difference for struggling children and families.

I’m so thankful for people just like you who have walked with us over the last two decades, it was a such privilege to celebrate with many of you in Peterborough. Whether you were able to join us or not, thank you so much to each of you who has volunteered, prayed or given financially to TLG. We are truly blessed to have you with us in this movement of Transforming Lives for Good.


Couldn't make the day? Catch up on our Facebook live stream here

Tim Morfin

Tim Morfin

Tim Morfin is the founder and Chief Executive of TLG. Tim, together with a group of other volunteers from a local church, began TLG by helping young people struggling in school in Bradford. He now leads the organisation nationally, still committed to bringing hope and a future to children and their families. He is married to Rachel and has three teenage sons.

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