Meet Sheron Kantor, our Chair of Trustees

Meet Sheron Kantor, our Chair of Trustees

19th February 2024

As I step into the role of Chair of Trustees, I am humbled and filled with a deep sense of gratitude. It has been a privilege to serve alongside dedicated trustees over the years, each one contributing their unique talents and unwavering commitment to TLG’s mission. I am especially grateful for the incredible foundation laid by Andrew, our former chair, who led with such wisdom and compassion over the past decade. 

My journey with TLG began seventeen years ago. Whilst on maternity leave, I found that I had extra time on my hands and had run out of excuses to prevent me from accepting a persistent invitation from a former national director. I vividly recall visiting the flagship education centre in Great Horton Road, Bradford, not knowing the profound impact it would have on my life. As someone who had a challenging childhood and went on to develop a career in psychology and education consultancy, I have always been drawn to the broken, the hurting and the people in our communities who tend to be overlooked.  

Although I had no intention of committing to a trustee role at the time, my encounter with the core leadership team at TLG was a pivotal moment. Their passion, dedication, and alignment with my own values and aspirations were undeniable. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be part of God’s plan through TLG. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege of witnessing TLG's remarkable growth and evolution. From our humble beginnings to the transformative work we are doing today. Each step of the journey has been marked by the undeniable presence of God. I have seen firsthand the transformative power of initiatives like Early Intervention and Make Lunch, which have had a profound impact on the lives of disadvantaged children and families across the UK. 

Our commitment to equip churches to bring hope and a future to struggling children remains unwavering. Despite facing challenges, including the ongoing impact of COVID-19, our team and volunteers have continued to innovate and adapt, providing essential therapeutic training and resources to those in need. 

But beyond the accolades, awards and impact statistics, what truly inspires me are the individual stories of transformation that unfold every day. Whether it’s a child finding their voice through a coaching session or a family experiencing the warmth and love of a make lunch club, each success story is a testament to the power of faith, reaffirming the importance of our mission and our collective effort. 

As I embark on this new chapter as Chair of Trustees, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future. Together, with our dedicated team, church partners, and volunteers, we have the opportunity to continue transforming lives and bringing light to those who need it most. 

Thank you for your unwavering support and belief in our mission. Together, we can make a difference that will resonate for generations to come. 

With heartfelt gratitude and anticipation, 


Sheron Kantor

Sheron Kantor

Sheron is a highly experienced early years practitioner who brings a wealth of educational expertise to the board. From 2002, she worked in the Children and Young People Service department of Manchester City Council, leading in key areas around alternative education provision, learning strategies and Early Years. This included project-managing the implementation of an ‘Alternative Education Provision’ across a number of Sure Start Children’s Centres and nursery schools. In April 2011 Sheron founded Early Learning Solutions, providing quality assured advice, training and consultancy to small and medium enterprises.

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