We Celebrate Black Inclusion

We Celebrate Black Inclusion

11th October 2022

Join us for this Q+A about Black History Month with our Head of Inclusion, Abigail Anjorin!


Q: What does the word ‘inclusion’ mean? What does it mean to you personally? 

A: To me, it means being seen, being heard. Being able to engage in spaces of personal need and interest - contributing as your authentic self. It is important that when this happens the individual is met with positive interest and curiosity. It is a collaborative phenomenon. 


Q: What are the ways in which children from our Black community experience exclusion? 

A: You often find that children and young people from the Black Community are not afforded the same level of recognition, empathy and grace as their White peers. This can lead to a lack of psychological safety – where the individual does not feel accepted or valued, which then opens the door to a range of complex issues throughout their lived experience. 


Q: What is the impact of inclusive practices on children as they experience the world around them? 

A: Inclusive practice promotes equity - giving children access to the resources, opportunities and support they need to succeed in life. It promotes self-worth, agency and a sense of belonging. A fair chance, no matter their story, for each child to fulfilling their unique purpose in this world. 


Q: How is TLG working to become a more inclusive space? 

A: We know the importance of looking inwards as an organisation. We are continually reviewing our own culture and practices; taking equitable actions and ensure that there is accountability, through our Collaborative Leadership working group and the development of affinity groups. We are engaged with external key network group as well as delivering inclusion focused training, both internally and externally.  

The voices of children and families we serve is paramount. 

It’s our privilege at TLG to celebrate all cultures, races and backgrounds. In our staff teams, our volunteers, partner churches, communities and our wonderful young people and families; we are blessed to work with a diverse range of people, which enables us to get help to children and young people from every background.

But we know that there’s a long way to go in the battle for equality. We believe that Black History should be a part of every child’s education, as we continue to combat racism. TLG’s Education Centres teach Black History within the school curriculum and we seek to ensure our support is a positive representation of all races and cultures. We learn about black history in workshops and sessions as a staff team. We celebrate black history together as a movement!

Abigail Anjorin

Abigail is the Head of Inclusion at TLG. In her work, she champions both diversity and inclusion throughout TLG's programmes, policy, and internal work. TLG believes that a healthy community is diverse and that it celebrates people’s differences, because we live in a world full of people who are unique and beautifully different.

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