Tim Morfin’s words to a gathering of TLG staff following the murder of George Floyd

Tim Morfin’s words to a gathering of TLG staff following the murder of George Floyd

09th June 2020

On Wednesday 3rd June TLG’s Founder and Chief Executive Tim Morfin spoke to the TLG staff team following the murder of George Floyd.  We share these words to help convey our complete opposition to racism in all in its forms and to highlight the way in which TLG will be using its position of influence to contribute to the change that is needed within our society.


“I speak to you as colleagues, but we’re also friends, and as an organisation with a clear Christian ethos, we are one family.

As a white leader, there are huge limitations in my understanding. I also realise my white privilege and my unconscious bias contributes to the problems we face as a society, but I want to listen and learn and stand with my brothers and sisters of colour who are rightly feeling immense anger, grief and pain right now.  

Racism is a cancer that is evil, and in our country it is systemic. I want to do all I can to add my voice and my actions to the voices and actions of others to bring about change.  

In the ministry God has called us to, the systemic racism our young people experience is denying them the equality of education that is their right. This exists on many levels and so there is no one solution. But as TLG we want to bring change. 

Top of the list of hard truths we will all continue to tell is the racism experienced by young people within the UK education system.

I want to bring to you an encouragement. I want to encourage the Lewisham Team, the West London Team & the South Birmingham Team. You are amazing role models. At a huge personal cost you have created schools where there is no racism, no prejudice. 

Your Centres are an oasis for black children where they are safe, where their identity is celebrated, and where they are able to learn. Thank you for choosing to pour your life into ministry for those children. We thank God for you. We stand with you, we are cheering you on and our role is to serve you.

To everyone, I want to encourage you to educate yourself well and to take the opportunity to speak about these issues with white children. 

I realise the limitations of social distancing and remote teaching, but I know you guys will find a way. Maybe our smaller groups and more one to one teaching will give some opportunities we wouldn’t have otherwise had. The truth is we are all in positions of influence and we have to make that count in shaping the thinking and the actions of the next generation.

Thank you for your grace and patience in allowing me to speak to you. I want to learn how I can lead better in this season. When you sense the time is right, I want to continue to hear your voice on these issues into my leadership and into TLG as a whole.” 

Tim Morfin

Tim Morfin

Tim Morfin is the founder and Chief Executive of TLG. Tim, together with a group of other volunteers from a local church, began TLG by helping young people struggling in school in Bradford. He now leads the organisation nationally, still committed to bringing hope and a future to children and their families. He is married to Rachel and has three teenage sons.

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