This is Me!

This is Me!

17th October 2023

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Learn about the 'This is Me' resource and how it can be used to celebrate and explore cultural heritage with children as Rae Morfin, Head of Therapeutic Practice at TLG interviews Abigail Anjorin, Head of Inclusion. 


Abigail, I'd love to hear your perspective on using the 'This is Me' resource.

I love how creative, colourful and interesting it is! It makes such an engaging coaching tool. The activities support both the coach and the child to explore the whole person and notice the uniqueness of each child, celebrating how we are all individually fearfully and wonderfully made from the inside out. 


If it was used for coaching, how could the activities be helpful in promoting and celebrating the many cultures represented in the UK? 

Often, children from minoritised communities do not see themselves represented in everyday imagery and recourses. This can result in a disconnect and create barriers when coaching/supporting children across ethnic groups. The design is carefully considered and intentional in providing a lot of opportunities for any coached child to share how they see themselves, the various facets of their cultural heritage and their community experiences; allowing the coached child to gradually articulate the beauty of their God-given identity and their thoughts in their own words and in a safe space.   


What advice would you give to a coach when using the suggested questions to support black students to feel heard and celebrated? 

As with any child, playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy (PACE) are key. It is important to listen to their story, notice any change in their communication (whether it be body language or behaviour) and consider whether you need to adjust your approach. Remain positive, affirming their positive contribution.  

Generally using inclusive imagery in your coaching sessions before using this resource will help your coached child see themselves in the world around them, encouraging a sense of belonging.  


Would you add further questions? If a student is quiet, how would you draw them out? 

It would be great to use this resource alongside other resources that offer a range of representation, such as the 'This is how I feel' card pack. These cards are a brilliant way to support children with language for their thoughts and emotions.

You could find some examples of notable personalities who share similarities with elements of a child's story, as well as other books and images the child can relate to.

Modelling the activities yourself is a great way to encourage a child to join in and to feel comfortable.


Check out other fantatsic resources including the 'This is how I feel' card pack in the TLG Resources Shop!

Rae Morfin

Rae Morfin

With twenty years’ experience working with children in both church and school situations, Rae has pioneered and now heads up TLG’s Early Intervention programme supporting children struggling in mainstream primary and secondary schools. Oh, and she’s got three teenagers of her own at home!

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