Students and Social Action - ever thought about TLG?

Students and Social Action - ever thought about TLG?

15th March 2019

"I studied Theology at university and I loved biblical teaching, context and debate! Towards the end of my degree I felt God challenging me with my next step: how could I translate this knowledge, passion and growing faith into practice to impact communities across the UK? 

A theologian called Frederick Buechner once wrote,

"The place God calls you to is the place where your deepest gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet."

This was where I started. I knew what I was most passionate about: people, the Church and my nationwide community - my deepest gladness! I also felt God challenging me on social action – my opportunity to step into the world’s deepest hunger.

TLG (Transforming Lives for Good) was my response to God's call following university.

TLG is a Christian charity, passionate about enabling local churches to support struggling children and families across the UK. We approach the crossroads in education, address poverty and tackle holiday hunger to make a difference in the community.

Following my degree, I started on TLG’s Fast Track internship. This can mean teaching in an Education Centre or working in their Head Office. I joined the HR team, supporting our staff and volunteers across the country! Straight away, I saw the impact of TLG through a nationwide team dedicated to making change. I have been given the opportunity to build relationships across the team and the freedom to grow as a leader! Through hands-on experience and leadership training, I have also been leading projects to increase the impact of this charity. Most importantly, my passion for people has massively grown through the children and families that TLG works with. Every day, my heart breaks for and celebrates with young people who feel rejected by society, but have experienced God’s love, hope and a future through TLG. I have been continually inspired to fight for change in my community.

After university, I recognised my passion, I saw where the world hurt, and I made a choice: to reach people and a make difference through the local church.

What about you? What is next? Have you ever thought about your deepest gladness, or the world’s deepest hunger?

TLG works through the local church to meet the urgent demand of the community and advance God’s Kingdom. We're looking for passionate Christians with bags of energy, who are open to learn. It’s a challenging year, but also a unique opportunity for leadership training and career development like nowhere else!"


Find our more about our Fast Track Internship

This blog post was written for Fusion, an organisation passionate about equiping students for a life of mission and discipleship at University.

Emma Rowley

Emma Rowley

Emma started on the Fast Track internship just over 2 years ago. She now works as part of TLG's HR team, supporting our staff & volunteer teams across the country. She is passionate about people & seeing communities transformed through the local church!

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