Reading4Life: A TLG Future Builder!

Reading4Life: A TLG Future Builder!

08th June 2022

Our wonderful TLG ‘Future Builders’ community gives businesses the opportunity to make a difference to children and families throughout the UK, helping us to make a bigger difference through regular giving. Having worked alongside a variety of businesses for many years, we know that corporate charity partnerships are very rewarding, as well as an amazing chance for companies to demonstrate their ethos and values in action.

Everyone wants to know that their workplace is committed to making a positive impact and this is a great way for businesses of any size to do so by contributing to the educational, practical and emotional needs of children and families who are in desperate need of support.

Paul Rowbotham from the brilliant Reading4Life organisation, who are one of our Future Builders, shares below about who Reading4Life are and why they chose to support TLG.

Why did you set up Reading4Life?

“I believe there is great power in words. For me, reading is not just something to enjoy, it is an empowerment. So, on the back of a children’s fiction book I wrote in 2016, I decided to launch a project to help young people understand their frustrations, anxieties and feelings in a rich and meaningful way. Thus, Reading 4Life was born!

In 2020 I was fortunate enough to establish my company FT2020 Ltd. It was originally a maths consultancy business, but I wanted to have a wider and deeper impact. My writing and connection with young people would provide this.

I’ve been asked why my business was named after what was a challenging year for many, with the covid pandemic in full swing. The ‘2020’ actually originated from a window cleaning business I had many years ago! 2020 implies Clear Vision and the FT stands for Forward Thinking. These are important mantras for me.

Reading 4Life is currently getting into schools with workshops on mental health and wellbeing. It is exciting to see young lives being touched.

Why did you choose to support TLG?

Towards the end of 2020, when reflecting on the challenges many in the UK were going through during the pandemic, I decided I wanted to support those on the periphery of society in some way. I stumbled on TLG, who were linked with my local church, and was keen to support them as their work directly impacted young people. I loved the idea that school aged children would get the one-to-one support they needed with the volunteer coaches and that safe spaces were being provided for them. Reading some the many testimonies was enough to make me feel this was an organisation that I wanted to connect with.

As a TLG Future Builder, we contribute financially each month and generally raise awareness of what TLG do. In November 2021, an entrepreneurs’ group I host at our church invited TLG to share about the work they do, which was well received.

Check out Reading 4Life and my book RAGE at

We wish TLG and all their staff every success with their work with young people.

If you are interested to find out how the business you work for can make a difference to struggling children across the UK, click on the button below for more information about how to become a Future Builder! We welcome businesses or organisations of any size.

Our Future Builders have already made a huge impact as they enable more children’s lives to be transformed for good. We can’t wait to welcome your business as a TLG Future Builder too!

Find out more about TLG Future Builders!

Paul Rowbotham

Paul Rowbotham

Paul is the founder of Reading4Life, a project to help young people understand their frustrations, anxieties and feelings in a rich and meaningful way. Reading4Life is part of our TLG Future Builders community, supporting our work as we aim to reach more struggling children across the UK.

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