My TLG Church Online experience!

My TLG Church Online experience!

22nd February 2021

Last year, TLG launched Church Online. Church Online is a powerful digital resource that can be used for homegroups, online church services or personal reflection. Church Online resources include videos featuring TLG Chief Executive, Tim Morfin, and Head of Therapeutic Practice at TLG, Rae Morfin - as well as as exclusive Bible studies, guided prayer videos and interviews with TLG partner church leaders on how they’ve reached out to their communities. We regularly update Church Online with additional exciting content too.

Kate, a TLG Early Intervention Coach, wrote about how Church Online inspired her church to continue to support children and families in their local community.

'A couple of weeks ago, our church here in Clevedon used TLG’s Church Online resource as part of our Sunday morning service. Christchurch has partnered with TLG as an Early Intervention Centre since 2017 and in late 2019 expanded our partnership by setting up a TLG Make Lunch project.  

Over recent years, Christchurch have had a visiting speaker share TLG’s ongoing vision to support struggling children and families through the local church network. Mike Royal, who previously helped grow TLG's network of Education Centres, has been twice and enthused about the amazing TLG movement, inspiring us to follow God’s lead in supporting children and families in our local community through our TLG projects.  

However, since visiting speakers have not been possible due to COVID-19, as our January service approached (when we would usually have a visiting speaker from TLG) we were made aware of a great new resource from TLG – Church Online.  

The 10-minute film from Tim Morfin, TLG's Chief Executive, and Rae Morfin, Head of Therapeutic Practice at TLG, is a fantastic resource for church leadership teams, small group leaders or individuals to download and share online with their church community. The morning was introduced by our Church Minister, Clive, sharing his passion for TLG, followed by our Early Intervention Coordinator, Emy, who brought everyone up-to-date with how coaches are continuing to stay connected with families in this extraordinary season – as well as sharing how some are doing weekly remote coaching to support their coached families. Emy also invited the church to get in touch if they would like to know more about TLG and explore the idea of becoming a coach – so a great way to recruit new coaches to the team.  

There was a great piece written by our TLG Make Lunch Coordinator, sharing the most recent initiatives the team are pursuing to support local families overwhelmed with food poverty and isolation. We then watched the inspiring video from TLG, followed by a short message from another member of the leadership team as part of our church talk series on generosity and prayers.  

The Church Online film from TLG brought a wider perspective to the teaching that morning and a connection to TLG, enabling our church community to be reminded that we are part of something bigger across the country. 

It was great to be reminded that whilst we, the local church, are the front line; we are resourced, encouraged, equipped and supported by TLG every step of the way.

We heard some great stories and encouragements, such as the story of Troy whose life was so positively changed by his experience at a TLG Education Centre. We heard all about TLG’s response in COVID times and how Early Intervention coaches have stayed in touch with coached children through remote coaching and lots of other wonderfully creative ways. Rae shared about the timely new resources, Emotional First Aid and Emotional Rollercoaster, that are equipping churches, schools, children and adults to better understand and navigate their emotional wellbeing.  

The whole service felt like such an invitation to join in celebrating and giving thanks for God’s faithfulness and provision in all circumstances. As a church community we heard a huge ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ from Tim and Rae; which is such an encouragement to continue supporting children and families in our community. I would really recommend this great TLG resource to churches to use, whether on Sundays in online gatherings or as part of smaller groups to frame some discussion and prayer around the church’s mission in their local community. Thank you TLG!'   

If you'd like to find out more about Church Online, click here


Kate is a TLG Early Intervention Coach

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