How are we adapting in light of Covid-19? TLG Early Intervention

How are we adapting in light of Covid-19? TLG Early Intervention

19th May 2020

In the midst of this global pandemic, it can be easy for feelings of fear and anxiety to grip us.

When will this all come to an end?

As the impact of Covid-19 spreads, at TLG we continue to be absolutely determined to bring hope to vulnerable children and families across this nation. Our support to struggling young people has never been so vital in such uncertain times. Over the past 2 months we have been overwhelmed by the response of our partner churches to the crisis. Despite the many challenges and restrictions we face, we have adapted our 3 programmes in keeping with government guidance, and wanted to share with you the life-transforming impact the work of TLG is continuing having across the UK in this season.

Typically, TLG Early Intervention coaching happens in a school setting, for one hour, once a week, for a whole school year. The announcement of school closures, amongst the other restrictions implemented, could have spelt disaster for the coached children we are supporting. With limited contact with school, family and friends, support systems for young people came tumbling down over night. What was life at home for days on end going to look like? How could the church continue to serve in a practical way in moments of shear panic and emotion?

Rising to the challenge, our Volunteer Programmes team have been working tirelessly, adapting TLG Early Intervention to enable children to continue to be supported, albeit in a different format. Coaching now looks like a weekly phone or video call to the parent/carer, which the coached child joining in on the call. Many coaches have found that this has strengthened the relationship between the local church and the adults in the home. Alongside this, coaches are delivering handwritten letters, resources and activities on a weekly basis. Children have been able to complete these with their family. These packages have helped to support the emotional wellbeing of many during this time, and have boosted inspiration and morale when creative juices were running low (why not follow our social media platforms for a sneak peak of some of the brilliant resources our Volunteer Programmes Team have developed specifically for this season!).

Coaches such as Maryanne have received the most up-lifting notes of appreciation from the children they have been supporting. Here’s a photo of one letter that Maryanne recently received.

An incredible 44 TLG Early Intervention centres across the UK are now running this new style of Remote Coaching. Esther is the Regional Leader for the Midlands and is also a coach herself at Gorsley Baptist Church. Watch the video below for a little glimpse into how Remote Coaching is going and the difference it is making to the lives of children who were already struggling before Covid-19.

Thank you to all our wonderful Early Intervention Coaches across the nation who are going out of their way to support young people and families in their community! To continue providing this vital support, and to reach even more struggling children, we need your help. Donate today to help bring a message of hope to many more young people across out nation.

Jasmine Le Ny

Jasmine Le Ny

Jasmine graduated from The University of Sheffield in the summer of 2019, and has been working for TLG since. She's worked within the Volunteer Programmes and Supporter Relations teams, and is now serving TLG within Comms and Influence. A lover of the outdoors and cooking, she is passionate about seeing the local church in action to support the most vulnerable in society.

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