Cost of Living - The Impact

Cost of Living - The Impact

04th July 2022

Sam Craven, Make Lunch Programme Development Lead at TLG, delves deeper into the impact the rising cost of living will have on children. Through no fault of their own, children are being thrown into poverty or facing food-insecurity, having to skip meals and go without essentials due to ever-rising costs of food, fuel and household bills. Many children face devastating struggles as a result, including emotional turmoil and impacted opportunities. How can TLG Make Lunch reach these children?


How do you think the rising cost of living will impact children?

The rising cost of living is certainly going to impact children in many ways. Practically, increased strain on already stretched finances will result in parents having reduced capacity to provide activities, clothing, toys and even food and other basic needs for children. Meanwhile many children will also be impacted mentally and emotionally by the increased anxiety and stress that they and their parents’ will be facing as they navigate the rising costs.

What support do you think children and families need at this time?

Aside from the obvious, an increase in income so they can get by, I believe it is also important that children and families know that they are not alone in their struggles. Having a community around you, who know you, and what you are going through; being connected to other families in the same boat; connecting and building friendships with people in your local community who can empathise, support, and offer practical help is so significant to families in times of crisis.

One Mum from our Make Lunch club in Cleveleys expressed it this way “you have no idea what this means to me, that you have noticed me”.

What impact have you seen Make Lunch clubs make?

TLG Make Lunch clubs provide not only practical help but a place of belonging and hope. In providing a hot and healthy meal for the whole family and offering fun activities, Make Lunch enables families to enjoy their school holidays together in a local space without any hidden costs. Make Lunch Clubs also provide an opportunity for connection that combats isolation and often leads to other needs being met by the wider support of the church and the local community.

One parent from the Make Lunch club at New Life Church Saffron Walden enthused "I can’t emphasise enough how much this [club] has helped me and my kids this summer. All of us have made new friends, and I have had my faith in humankind restored more than I ever thought possible. Thank you so so much." Make Lunch clubs have served well over a million meals but it is experiences like this one that reveal the true impact in the lives of individuals!

Why is TLG Make Lunch so important?

TLG Make Lunch is important because it equips and enables churches to take that difficult step and connect with their community. Its not always easy to identify and connect with those who are struggling in your local area and, indeed, when you do, it is important to connect safely and well and ensure you have appropriate systems in place to ensure that families are served well and volunteers are supported. TLG Make Lunch provides training and support to equip churches who have a passion to be salt and light, and make a difference in their community!

What do you think will be the biggest challenge for families over the next year?

As we consider this latest “cost of living” crisis I think it’s important to remember that for many families this is not the starting point. Many families have been living in crisis mode for many years and this is now the latest challenge, yet another strain on their already struggling finances. Sadly, perhaps the biggest challenge, for many families, will be to find reasons to feel hopeful.


We must URGENTLY join together to reach struggling children.

With your donations, Make Lunch clubs across the UK will continue to reach families facing food insecurity with meal provision and loving community care.

Please give generously to our urgent cost of living appeal. Thank you for taking action today.

I will donate to make a difference today

Transforming Lives for Good

Transforming Lives for Good

TLG is a Christian children’s charity who is passionate about seeing struggling children find hope in the face of adversity. TLG offers a practical approach to build strong connections between local churches, families and schools.

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