Joe’s Story

For 8-year-old Joe and his mum, Davinia, TLG Make Lunch has been a much-needed lifeline as the cost of living rises to an unmanageable level.

“When we go shopping we can’t afford to have all the stuff that we want so it makes my mum and dad feel very anxious,” says Joe with a sigh. “The gas prices are going up higher and higher because nobody has it, nobody has much gas anymore, so it’s really hard to do stuff and get to places.”

“It makes me worried seeing mum and dad worried,” he continues.

Davinia agrees, “I worry about how much, especially in the holidays, food costs; it’s quite scary. I hope things are going to change, I don’t think they can carry on going up like they are. It’s makes me feel really nervous, especially with the gas and electric going up again.”

“I think the children have massively struggled with the cost of living going up and they obviously overhear conversations, as much as you try to not let them, they do know what’s happening.”

Thankfully, Davinia, Joe and the rest of their family receive regular support through TLG Make Lunch at Cleveley’s Baptist Church.

Davinia smiles, “Make Lunch has lifted a massive burden. I love that there’s a community here and a church that just give to people, they don’t necessarily want a single thing back, apart from you to smile, it’s absolutely amazing!”

“I feel happier now that I come to Make Lunch,” continues Joe. “My mum and dad don’t have to worry about looking after us, what we’re going to do, they don’t need to run after us, they do feel less worried now.”

“I feel very excited about coming to Make Lunch, I meet new families and have a nice hot lunch and dessert. Normally we have like sausages and mash, or like pasta or mac and cheese. My favourite thing is coming to see the volunteers. Some of them like playing football and stuff, so I play football with them, or we can just run about playing with balloons, and they’re really nice people.”

Make Lunch, while providing essential hot meals and a warm space, also gives families the chance to connect into a loving church community.

“We see loads of volunteers in the community while we’re walking and the kids are like, ‘look there’s so-and-so!’ and they can’t wait to go up to them and give them a hug and chat to them, it’s just lovely to see. My youngest was born in covid so he’s really struggled with meeting new people so it really helps him to get to know people and he’s starting to come out of his shell now.”

“They make you feel better in your person really, I feel happier when I’ve been on a Tuesday and I do think that it helps the stress of the world, having a place like this to come to,” says Davinia.

Joe beams; “It’s just a joyful experience really, Thank you TLG Make Lunch!”

“I feel very excited about coming to Make Lunch, it’s just a joyful experience really!"