TLG Sunday

Nationwide, a generation of children are growing up in vital need of support. Whether struggling with self-esteem, poverty, family breakdown, exclusion, every child deserves hope and a future. At the heart of TLG is an unwavering belief that the Church can transform the lives of struggling children the length and breadth of the UK. 

On Sunday 23rd September, unite with thousands of other Christians to bring hope and a future across the UK by hosting a TLG Sunday at your church.  

TLG Sunday will inspire your church through captivating stories and compelling teaching as we prayerfully consider the children struggling in our communities. You'll also be moved to action and excited about the part that you can play to ensure that no child is left without hope.  

By registering your church to take part in 2018, you’ll receive a free leader’s pack full of ideas and resources to help you share the heart and vision of TLG. Plus, we’ll send you videos to show on the day and engaging literature to profile the life-transforming impact of TLG a how you can get involved.  

Just click below to pre-order your 2018 TLG Sunday Leader's Pack or call 01274 900377 to find out more from one of our TLG Sunday team. 

Order your TLG Sunday Leader's Pack

Your free leader's pack is full of engaging ideas and advice for your TLG Sunday. Inside you'll find stories and statistics to share, prayer activity ideas, talk outlines plus top tips from us to help you! 

We'll send you three videos to choose from that share with your congregation the difference made in the lives of struggling children and young people. Your pack will also include resources to share with your church and specially designed donation envelopes for your congregation to transform lives through an offering.

We're already seeing churches of all shapes and sizes saying 'yes' to taking part in TLG Sunday 2018 so click here to request your free pack today!

I’ve come so far and I think it was part of God’s plan for my life that I was helped by TLG. They changed my life around. - Millie-Rae, 15

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