Make Lunch - Partnership Checklist

Part of running Make Lunch requires a certain amount of documentation & policies to be in place before your Lunch Club opens. We don’t expect you to have all this done and dusted before the training day; you can work on this after the day and put the information we give you into practice.

As a minimum you will need: Arrow

  • Public Liability Insurance covering the project
  • Fire procedures and risk assessments for your venue
  • Food Safety Level 2 Certificate or equivalent or higher, for at least one person in the kitchen at any time
  • To register the kitchen you will be using with the local authority, if necessary (don’t panic – this isn’t as scary as it sounds and we'll cover this on the training day!)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work or equivalent or higher for at least one member of your team on any day your lunch club is open
  • A Safeguarding Policy and appropriate DBS checks for volunteers. Your church can usually help you with this and we’ll need the details of your Safeguarding Officer when you sign up as a partner

We’ll be here to support your coordinator after the training should you still have questions.

As well as having the right paperwork in place, you will also want to have thought through:

Things to think about Arrow

  • Who will coordinate the project?
  • Are your church and leadership onboard with the idea?
  • Have you got access to a kitchen in the school holidays? It doesn’t have to be in your church!
  • Have you got a team of at least 3 people from your church (including the coordinator) who can attend Make Lunch training?
  • Are your local schools and other services on board with helping to invite families?
  • What financial resources will you be able to access to run Make Lunch?
  • Are you excited?! It’s an amazing journey to set up and run a Lunch Club - be excited!!

Even if the answer to all of these questions isn’t ‘yes’ yet, we can support you to work out what you need to get in place.

To continue exploring the idea of Make Lunch in your community or to discuss any of these next steps, please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.