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The Box of Hope Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the UK, TLG was incredibly concerned about children and families going into isolation without basic necessities. Children whose parents were already on the poverty line and facing food insecurity, whose homes were already unsettled and whose lives were already filled with anxiety.

COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, a devastating impact on millions of children. With so many families desperately struggling long before the pandemic hit and many more struggling as a result, it was vital that we stepped up to reach those in need. Indeed, the recent removal of the £20 uplift in Universal Credit, the surge in energy prices and cost of living, as well as the decline in emotional and mental wellbeing, mean many families find themselves in continued crisis.

Box of Hope was our response right at the beginning of the pandemic. Every parcel contains food supplies for the whole family, essential household items, activities and wellbeing resources, information on other support and messages of hope from our supporters. We have partnered with 244 churches so far to deliver Box of Hope across the UK, churches who lovingly sought to bless their communities and impact those who need it most.

Together, we’ve reached thousands of families! Box of Hope has been a lifeline for many, providing essential support both practically and emotionally. 

Watch Box of Hope in action!

What happens when a church, a school and a supermarket join forces to bring hope to one of the most deprived areas in the country?!

Watch this short film to see the impact that TLG's Box of Hope is having in cities like Hull:

The two-metre space between me and the person at the door receiving a Box of Hope became a sacred space during COVID. We laughed and cried together, I’ve listened and my heart has broken. I have been inspired by people’s resilience, wisdom and kindness. Box of Hope has enabled us to build true authentic community. - Revd Lynsey Heslegrave

We've delivered over one million meals so far!

This incredible milestone is symbolic of so much. It serves as a humbling reminder of the desperate need that still exists across the UK. Behind this huge number are families; brothers, sisters, parents, carers... who have gone through a heartbreaking struggle. But it also shows that there is hope! Thanks to the relentless dedication and love of churches across the country, we will continue to reach out to those in crisis over the coming season.


Alecia's Box of Hope journey

After giving birth to her beautiful baby girl, Deannah, things took a difficult turn for Alecia’s mental health. Struggling financially, Alecia and her husband Deon had a lot of mouths to feed. They were carrying a lot of stress and needed extra support. When their local church, The Church of Pentecost in Wolverhampton, partnered with TLG to run Box of Hope, everything changed. 

“When the pandemic came, my eldest daughter was home from university, so we had three children at home to feed,” says Alecia. “It really affected me, it was hard to provide for the family. During that time, I had postpartum psychosis which is a mental health condition, so having to think about extra things like finding food was really difficult.” 

Receiving regular support through TLG Box of Hope made a huge difference to Alecia and Deon’s family. “It was a big help both emotionally and practically. Not having to worry about finding food took that bit of stress from me and the support also helped me in recovering from my mental health condition.” 

“The food was great,” says Deshaun, aged 12. “One box had Jamaican Water Crackers which I enjoyed a lot. I could see that it helped my mum out too, it had been tough seeing her struggle so much. There was Caribbean food in the parcels which made it very personal because it was stuff we would normally eat.” 

“It made me happy and put a smile on my face. It was inclusive,” Alecia says. “If it wasn’t for TLG, we would have struggled much more.”

I know there are people at the local church who will support me and my family when we need it. - Alecia

Thank You!

We would like to say a massive thank you and well done to all the volunteers, churches and supporters who have worked tirelessly to reach families in need. The unquestioned resolve that no family or young person should go without food or support has made a transformational impact on hundreds of communities and thousands of families around the UK! It truly is a testament to the sacrifice, love and generosity of those who have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of those on their doorstep. 

After some training or resources to help you support young people? New dates have been added for our popular FREE training courses!

Leaning on our 22 years supporting children and young people through some of the most challenging circumstances, we've created these vital courses and booklets to help you as you journey with the children in your life.

"I feel better informed and equipped to understand and how to approach struggling children!" - Emotional First Aid training attendee

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