TLG Education Centres

With over 400,000 school exclusions taking place across the UK every year, a generation of children are being stamped with failure at a pivotal stage in their young lives. 

Across the UK, there are children facing issues such as family breakdown, bereavement, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, poverty, gang culture, mental health or other illness, lack of parental support and many other distressing circumstances. It’s seldom possible for a young person to battle through any of these without it taking a damaging toll on their future. 

TLG Education Centres offer a lifeline, giving young people the chance to catch up on missed education, raise their aspirations and provide building blocks for a better future. 

My pain was rooted so deep that I found myself involved in crime. School was chaos. I was excluded and ended up at TLG. TLG is like a family. They genuinely cared about me and I gradually began to trust them. They really were persistent and helped take me to where I needed to be in life. After TLG, I returned to mainstream school, then progressed on to university. - Danny, Past TLG Student




COVID-19 emergency response 

In the first few weeks of lockdown, staff at our 12 Education Centres contacted their pupils remotely in the home each day – focussing on mental welfare as well as classwork.  Our staff also visited the home weekly, with doorstep visits to directly engage with pupils and families. Now all centres have organised attendance at the centres for these particularly vulnerable students.  TLG have committed to provide in-depth therapeutic support during the next 6 months to 155 children impacted by the trauma of COVID-19 in our 12 Education Centres.   

I don't have a bad word say about TLG. I can't fault the care they give my daughter or the rest of the family. - TLG parent

Our life-transforming work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our corporate partners.  

You can support a trauma-informed, in-depth therapeutic, educational response to young people in severe crisis, which turns around their prospects. You can help these young students to fulfil their potential.

Our Education Centres support some of the most vulnerable young people – many of whom have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). ACEs such as bereavement, abuse, domestic violence, neglect and parental addiction can have a huge negative impact on young people’s lives and severely affect their education.  TLG teams are reporting that the impact of COVID-19 has compounded these traumatic experiences. 

As restrictions start to ease, you can provide long-term support for these students increasing their chances of employability. Together in partnership, we can continue the expert, transformational interventions that these young people need, through our Education Centres. 

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