TLG Make Lunch

Together with business partners across the UK, TLG are feeding thousands more children at risk of food insecurity, while campaigning towards the eradication of Holiday Hunger, through TLG’s Make Lunch Programme.  

For too many children, when school stops for the holidays, so does the food. For the thirteen weeks of school holidays this year, many children in the UK will go each day without the food they need. More than 1.5 million children are now eligible to receive free school meals. Outside term time, the meals stop and many children are left hungry. 

I get to see my friends & make new ones too. I liked the sausages with gravy. It’s my favourite lunch! - Jamie, aged 9



COVID-19 Emergency Response

While our traditional model was paused during lockdown, TLG have worked quickly to re-align our support to our delivery partners across the UK, enabling them to deliver "Boxes of Hope" from Easter until the end of Summer.  These Emergency Care Packages include food provisions for a family, as well as essential household items such as soap and nappies. The boxes also contain contacts to other local support groups and wellbeing activities for the children. Emergency Care Packages therefore provide for both the practical and emotional wellbeing needs of the families in crisis.   

By the end of summer 2020, our community partners had contributed to over 500,000 meals for the neediest families though TLG’s ‘Boxes of Hope’ scheme since the pandemic began.

I cannot tell you how grateful our family is for our parcel this week. Hubby has been furloughed and I am working all the hours I can at the residential home. Having this gift full of the necessities, a lot of which we have struggled to get in the shops, has been such a relief for me. The older two children are enjoying the activity books and modelling clay too! Thanks again, so so so much!!

Our life-transforming work wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our corporate partners.  

We need your help now - to bring fun, full tummies and laughter to the most disadvantaged children and families.

As restrictions start to ease, help us to provide long-term for these families, through our Make Lunch programme.  We need your support to open new TLG Make Lunch centres in new communities – providing a lasting legacy in each new location. You can also add your voice to our campaign to end holiday hunger.  

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