Your company can be a TLG Future Builder

TLG has never been busier. As society recognises the growing need to support our most vulnerable children in the critical areas of emotional trauma, education and holiday hunger, TLG is taking action.

We are a national, award-winning charity, with over 22 years’ experience of supporting children across the UK who have had the toughest starts in life.  Our ‘open for all’ ethos means that race, background, religion or belief is no barrier to the specialist support we offer.  We support ALL struggling children, in all communities – through our 250 community-based TLG centres.

It costs TLG £3,000 a year to set up a new TLG centre – which will leave a lasting legacy for disadvantaged children in a new locality.  

We are asking our corporate partners to sponsor the opening of new TLG centres through monthly donations. Every size of contribution counts - and will help this corporate community to have a very clear impact, through building the futures of generations of children to come.


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In response TLG would like to give you; 

• Space for your logo/ link on our website 

• A ‘TLG Corporate Future Builder’ certificate for your business 

• Website, social media and email signature banners to promote your support of struggling children to staff and clients. 

• Regular updates on the transformation you are supporting for struggling children - to share with your staff and customers 

• Use of our logo for your website. 

These value offerings are available to you for the duration of your support.   

We need more corporate partners to help us support children in new communities. By joining our Future Builders community you can support the opening of new TLG centres through monthly donations. Every penny counts.

Here are examples of the impact your company could make: 

£x a month

Any monthly donation will qualify you as a corporate Future Builder. Donations will combine from this corporate community, to help new localities where children need food or emotional support.

£250 a month

could support the opening of one new TLG centre a year – supporting school children struggling with holiday hunger or providing 1:1 coaching in school.


could support TLG to open three new centres a year, providing a lasting legacy in each new community to primary children who are struggling with the school day or with holiday hunger.

£1200 a month

represents the opening of four new TLG centres a year AND provision of additional support from TLG’s Therapeutic Practice team to children whose emotional wellbeing has been severely affected by ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) - especially those who have been additionally affected by lockdown and COVID-19.

Don’t forget – all corporate donations to charity are tax-deductible. 

Join us in building futures for struggling children across the UK.

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Hear from some of our amazing Future Builders about why they have chosen to support TLG!

I love what TLG stands for - supporting those in our society that need it most and giving them the guidance they require to grow in their lives. They keep us really well informed of the projects that are happening and we know we are making a difference by partnering with TLG - Pete Baston – Co-founder at Cliency Ltd.