Troy’s Story

Troy was deeply traumatised by the Grenfell Tower fire. After tragically losing a school friend, he battled nightmares and sleepless nights. His friend used to sit in front of him in class. Knowing that his friend was no longer there would break Troy’s heart. The grief and loss became overwhelming. The help he desperately needed was for someone to not just say “Get out of the classroom” when emotions were crushing, but someone to listen to him and to talk to him. 

When James, Deputy Centre Manager at TLG West London, first met Troy, he could see that he was someone deeply troubled by what had taken place. James and the team took Troy under their care and provided a space where he felt like he could make mistakes, and that he didn’t need to know everything, but there were people and resources around him to help him take positive steps forward. 

Troy was able to embark on a journey in coming to terms with the events, finding peace and becoming settled in what happened in 2017. Knowing that TLG wanted to help him get back into mainstream school, Troy felt motivated and was able to get his head down and work hard to get his education back on track.

“Now I know ways to handle my anger, and I know when to calm down. I can now look back on the good memories.”

The transformation in Troy’s life has been incredible. When he walks into a room, he lights up. He’s bright, he’s engaging and he’s more confident than ever before. “I keep in touch with James a lot,” says Troy. “It’s a good feeling knowing that there are always people there to support you, even in bad times.”

Throughout Troy’s time at TLG West London, he had space to talk and learn – and now he can better manage the traumatic experiences he has faced. 


Important update about TLG Education Centres;

As valued supporters of the work of TLG, we would really appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to read this update on changes to the way TLG are going to be supporting struggling children and families.

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It’s a good feeling knowing that there are always people there to support you, even in bad times.