Bailey’s Story

Bailey's story is one of transformation and hope, only made possible through our generous supporters. Read his inspirational story in his own words!

Hi, my name is Bailey.

Before I came to TLG, life was rough. Things at home were hard and I just wanted to run away. This affected me at school. I hated school and would try and escape by crawling under tables or running out of the classroom, even shutting myself up in another room just to get away. I found it hard to accept praise and if I made even a slight mistake, I would just shut down. I didn’t know how to share my feelings and I felt so alone.

It was especially hard when my school decided it wasn’t right for me to go there anymore. That’s when I arrived at TLG Wakefield. At first, I kept myself to myself. I’d sit with my head in my hands and ignore everything. I was given a certificate for taking part in PE but I instantly got rid of it. I didn’t want to be good at anything as I was frightened about people challenging me if I did do well - I didn’t want that hassle. But I think deep down I didn’t want to be alone. I didn’t know how to let people in.

My teachers at TLG were ace and really helped me. I began to trust them and soon realised they cared and wanted to help me and I could be myself with them. Looking back, I can see how I have changed. I’m not scared of getting things wrong and I am proud of myself. My old school is proud of me too – they stay in touch to see how I am getting on.

I’ve just finished year 11 and I am so happy to be leaving with the grades I needed to get into college. I’ll be studying sports and fitness at college – I love being active and I’ve even been leading gym sessions for other TLG students. I never thought I’d be going to college. Through your support, my life now looks different and I now have hope for my future.


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I never thought I’d be going to college. Through your support, my life now looks different and I now have hope for my future.