Alex’s Story

TLG Make Lunch enables and equips churches to bring hope to struggling children through holiday lunch clubs. Through Make Lunch, churches provide vital support to some of the most vulnerable children in their local communities and build relationships with families in desperate need of loving support.  

Families like Alex’s, who faced difficult challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Alex’s dad, Adam, was self-employed at the beginning of the pandemic which meant the family couldn’t claim any Government support when the UK went into lockdown. “He then got a job at a supermarket, but his hours were suddenly cut which had a big impact on us as a family,” says Marie, Alex’s mum. “We had to start to go without things that we would normally have and start to cut down on the usage of things around the house to save on our bills.” 

Marie and Adam have three children, Maddy (age 13), Alex (age 7) and Montana (age 1). They faced a rollercoaster of emotions as the arrival of Montana meant they faced a stressful move to have enough space, with illness and accidents making life more difficult. “For the kids it had a big impact, mentally and everything,” sighs Marie. “Lockdown was hard for me,” Alex agrees.  

Luckily, the family have received lots of support though their local Make Lunch club at St. Pauls in Warwick. “The first time I came to Make Lunch I thought it was lovely and welcoming,” says Maddy. “It was very friendly and there was a good atmosphere. It’s a lovely place to be around!”  

Alex enjoys Make Lunch very much. “I’m always very excited to come to Make Lunch. I can play and have fun and eat as well! I’ve made a friend called Luke and we like to play together. I love to play with the Lego and the train tracks the most.” 

Marie continues, “Alex struggles to make friends sometimes, but here he’s able to get on and he blends in with everybody in a really nice way. Coming to Make Lunch has helped all my children thrive in themselves.”   

“The church offered to drop round food for me during lockdown which was a big help as well. It helps me feel more confident about the future and the predicament we’ve been in over the last year, as with support networks like this the future looks happier. Make Lunch has been so helpful.”