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No student in unregistered Alternative Provision: How and Why? 

We know that every child deserves a high-quality education in an environment that is fully equipped to meet their needs and held to account accordingly. 

Alternative Provision (AP) schools are educational settings for children who, for whatever reason, were unable to cope with and flourish in a mainstream environment. However, the law currently allows Alternative Provision (AP) centres which meet certain criteria to not register, but still legally operate. Local Authorities refer children to these unregulated provisions, meaning thousands of students across England are at risk of sub-standard education from an unaccountable provider. This is simply unacceptable. 

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Our first Education Centre was set up in Bradford over 22 years ago to offer vital support to young people at crisis point in their education. Our experience running AP schools has shown that children in AP are more vulnerable and therefore in greater need of full support. In 2022, TLG now runs 11 Ofsted-registered independent AP centres providing a safe and nurturing place for young people to learn; where they know they are valued, cared for and their potential is championed.  

TLG is determined to ensure every young person is able to access an educational provider that meets their individual education and emotional needs, adheres to safeguarding requirements and is registered to ensure standards are being maintained.  

At the core of our paper’s recommendations is a call for the law to be changed to compel every AP provider – of whatever size – to be registered. Our recommendations suggest how the registration system can be improved for AP, supports skilled educators and, most importantly, puts the education and wellbeing of students at the front and centre. 

"We experienced the benefits that come with a network of registered AP schools, sharing of practice, curriculum intent, professional knowledge and leadership systems. This all results in successful outcomes for young people who may otherwise have fallen through the cracks of our sector." - Tim Morfin, Founder and Chief Executive 

We must urgently join together today to provide a better alternative.

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