TLG Sunday - Ready, Set, Go!

We're so excited that you've decided to join in TLG Sunday 2018. You'll be joining over 100 churches across the UK who, like you, believe that every child deserves hope and a future. Here, we've pulled together everything that you might need for your service to go really smoothly. If there's anything that you're looking for that you can't find, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who'd love to help. Just email or call 01274 302810. 

Similarly, if you're hosting a TLG Sunday at a large church and think you many need more resources, such as donation forms, please get in touch. 

Please remember that any donations or keeping in touch information you collect should be sent to TLG using recorded delivery. You can send them to TLG Sunday, TLG National Support Centre, Hope Park Business Centre, Bradford, BD5 8HH.

Tim Morfin, TLG Founder & Chief Executive

Because of people like you, passionate that every child deserves hope and a future, TLG Sunday 2018 will make an incredible difference. We’ll see more people than ever before praying, giving and praising God for His life-changing power at work through TLG. - Tim Morfin, TLG Founder & Chief Executive

Your TLG Sunday Leader's Guide

Whether you're able to share for a full preach or just 10 minutes, we've put together a guide for you so that it's really easy for you! Inside you'll find a script to help you communicate TLG's vision, stories of lives changed, statistics and ideas for prayer too!

Download your TLG Sunday Leader's Guide

Your TLG Sunday Presentation Slides

Here are the accompanying slides for your TLG Sunday talk. We've set these up for use in either wide screen (16:9 screen ratio) or standard presentation size (4:3 screen ratio).

Download your 16:9 Powerpoint Presentation


Download your 4:3 Powerpoint Presentation 

Marcie and Joanne's Story

Marcie is one of over a million children that receive free school meals during term-time. For her mum Joanne, it was a local church that provided the answer to her most frightening fear: ‘how will I feed my daughter?’

Download Marcie and Joanne's Story for TLG Sunday

Ruby's Story

When Emma’s daughter Ruby was struggling in school and was offered a TLG Early Intervention coach, little did they know it would start them on an exciting journey of faith and healing.

Download Ruby's Story for TLG Sunday

Zainab's Story

Zainab's remarkable story is one of lasting change. From experiencing school exclusion herself to becoming a TLG teacher, Zainab has become an inspiration to others, finding her faith along the way.

Download Zainab's Story for TLG Sunday

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