Emotional First Aid

FREE online training to help you spot the signs of emotional distress in children and adults, and know how to respond to them effectively.

It’s increasingly clear that the past few years have had a massive impact on many people's emotional and mental health, especially children and families who have been struggling with isolation, anxiety, food insecurity and poverty as well as the rising cost of living and other pressures. As we strive towards a future where no child is without hope, we want to equip churches up and down the country to know how to spot the signs of emotional distress and respond to them effectively. 

This FREE 90-minute live webinar will help church staff and volunteers spot and respond to the signs of emotional distress in children, teenagers and adults. This training provides:

  • A biblical perspective on being therapeutic.
  • Three-step guide to responding in the moment to signs of emotional distress.
  • Tools you can use to continue journeying alongside someone who is struggling.

TLG has over 24 years' experience in equipping churches to understand and walk alongside children and families who are struggling with their emotional and mental wellbeing. We have taken this knowledge and turned it into some easy-to-understand online training.

Do you work with 8-14 year olds? Our 'The Emotional Rollercoaster' training would be perfect for you! It contains all the content from the Emotional First Aid training but is aimed at helping children specifically. Click here for more info.

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Please Note: If you have already booked onto The Emotional Rollercoaster training (for working with children aged 8-14), it covers the content of Emotional First Aid as well. You do not need to book onto both.

What difference can you make to someone else's emotional health?

Aimee's Story

"Every day, I never wanted to leave my mum or my dad. I always used to cry."

Aimee used to be gripped by an anxiety that filled her with fear at the thought of going to school. Her parents considered it a miracle if she came in for a full week and, heartbreakingly, they felt like they couldn't even go on holiday together because of Aimee's anxieties. 

Then Aimee met her TLG Early Intervention coach, Ntombi, and things started to change. Dramatically.

Emotional First Aid will give you some of the initial insights and tools that TLG use to support a child like Aimee. It will help you know how to respond in the moment to distress, and equip you to journey with them through their emotional health. 

Watch Aimee's Story