TLG Early Intervention branding


We'd love for you to promote your TLG Early Intervention programme in your church. To help you do this effectively you can find everything you need here.

The TLG Early Intervention brand guidelines are a great first step into learning how we like to present the brand:  

Click here to download the guidelines (pdf)

The Early Intervention logo is unique to us so we need to make sure we do everything we can to show it in the best possible light. It is important that artwork is only ever produced using the logo files obtained directly from TLG.

Download the right TLG Early Intervention logo here:

TLG Early Intervention logos for use on screen (full colour, rgb, .png). Download the on-screen logo pack here.

TLG Early Intervention logos for use in print. (full colour, cmyk, .jpeg) Download the print logo pack here.

White TLG Early Intervention logos. (white, rgb, .png) - Please only use these logos if this needs to be placed on a coloured background. Download here.