Our brand

A quick guide to TLG's brand


The TLG logo

Our logo is the main way of communicating the TLG brand. It is vital that everyone uses our logo consistently to ensure it is instantly recognisable in all communications. The logo features our full name, ‘Transforming Lives for Good’. The logo should appear in all our communications and always be used in a way that is clear and legible.

The icon is a stylised graphic interpretation of a set of books to represent education, learning and knowledge. The one central book on an angle - known as the ‘wonky L’ -  helps represent our support of individuality and that when attending TLG mistakes are OK.

There are 2 versions of the logo; a portrait version and a landscape version. The landscape logo is our preferred version, but please use the logo that is most suitable to the space available and format of the material you are creating. You can download the logos you need here.



Think of Easyjet. Thinking of orange? Think of Coca-Cola. Are you thinking of red?

Used consistently and confidently, colour can be a powerful visual shorthand for a brand. Our primary colours — and the ones that represent TLG as a whole — are green and teal. You'll see them used across this website, along with our secondary palette of colours. Together, our brand colours create a warm, friendly and fresh tone to everything we do. Click here to download our guidelines, with helpful tips on how to use our colour palette.



Words are important, but present them well and they can be even more powerful. The 'Poppins' font family is the primary typeface we use in our communications. It's clean, easy to read and friendly in its style. We can also use alternative ti to add interest and highlight important information within our printed and digital resources. We have 2 secondary fonts, the striking font 'Yeseva One' and the script font 'King Basil'. You can learn more about how we use these fonts by clicking here to download our brand guidelines.


Our programmes

TLG is all about bringing hope and a future to struggling children. Each of our programmes is different but the common thread is an unwavering resolve to transform lives for good. Each of our programmes have their own brandmark and specific colour palette to give them their own identity within the TLG brand. To download the relevant resources for our programmes, click on the links below.

Education Centre branding & guidelines

Early Intervention branding & guidelines

Make Lunch branding & guidelines

Our brand is much more than a logo, colours and typography; it's the lasting impression people get when they've seen or read about us. Throughout all of TLG’s communications, we’re taking people on a journey to join with us in bringing hope and a future for struggling children. If you’re thinking of creating something using the TLG brand, you can find everything you need in our full guidelines.

Click to download TLG's brand guidelines