Give a box of hope

Join with us so we can urgently get emergency care packages to 10,000 children and family members who are in desperate need.

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As schools shut and an increasing number of people are going into isolation, we are incredibly concerned for the children we support who were already struggling. Children whose parents were already on the poverty line and facing food insecurity, whose home lives were already unsettled and whose lives were already filled with anxiety.

We will not stop finding ways to give these children a hope that goes beyond their circumstance.

We have hundreds of faithful churches who partner with us across the UK. Because of social distancing we can’t run our popular TLG Make Lunch clubs, so instead churches are urgently stepping up to reach over 10,000 people with emergency care packages that not only meet the families’ practical needs, but also look out for their emotional and mental wellbeing during this difficult time.

We need to raise £25,000 as quickly as possible to enable a rapid response to children who need it most.

Join us and donate what you can today. We know this is an anxious time for us all, but let us join together to help those who need our support the most.

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