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TLG’s Urgent Christmas Appeal


Grasping a pencil in their hand, children across the UK are carefully considering what to scrawl on a scrap of paper. Every year, the routine of “the Christmas list” becomes a crucial moment in the calendar. The hope that they might actually see that toy they want before their eyes is everything to them.

And yet this Christmas, for too many children, it won’t be toys or presents that they’ll be hoping for – but food.

We’ll meet over 1,500 children needing to be fed in the upcoming holidays that would otherwise go hungry. 

We urgently need help from compassionate and generous people like you. Will you give a gift to ensure a struggling family receives the food they need this Christmas?


Watch Sarah's

Will you give hope to families like Sarah's this Christmas?

Just £13

could feed a child over the upcoming Christmas holidays

I'd like to feed a child this Christmas

Just £52

could feed a whole family who might otherwise go hungry this Christmas

I'd like to feed a family this Christmas

A gift of £104

could feed two families over the upcoming Christmas holidays

I'll feed two families this Christmas

A gift of £520

could support one of our lunch clubs open over Christmas, ensuring they can feed up to 40 children.

I'll support a whole lunch club this Christmas!

“I like lunch club because it means I’m not mithering for food and saying I’m hungry. We make friends and do fun activities like painting. It makes me happy because we get really lovely food. - Brandon. aged 9

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