HOPE delivered to communities across the UK!

Since COVID-19 hit the country, TLG equipped over 200 churches to reach out to some of the most vulnerable families as part of its Box of Hope project across the UK.

Throughout the pandemic, local churches, in partnership with TLG, delivered the equivalent of over 500,000 meals. Without these meals, thousands of children and adults would have gone hungry as COVID-19 robbed families of their income and desperation rose. These emergency care packages – Boxes of Hope – provided not only a practical lifeline but vital relational support and encouragement from the surrounding community. Never before had the church had such an opportunity to serve in such a practical and personal way.

Whilst lockdown may be easing, our support isn’t. As the emotional health crisis amongst children escalates as children return to school, we are on a mission to train over 200 churches in the UK to spot and respond to the signs of emotional distress in children and families. And of course, we are poised and ready to launch Boxes of Hope if the need arises over the coming months. That’s because we believe that every child deserves hope and a future, whether through the current crisis or the ones they face every day of their lives. 

The volunteers are amazing. Each parcel kept us going for a few more days which was a God-send - Sarah

Sarah's Story

Sarah, her husband Seann, and their 7-year-old son Archie were fearful and anxious of the impact of COVID-19 on their family.

With a reduced income and bills still to pay, getting food on the table was challenging. Sean normally works in pubs and clubs, so he could no longer work, and the loss of school made Archie restless and miss his friends. Yet the Make Lunch team in their community delivered Boxes of Hope each week to Sarah and her family, relieving strain and pressure in an unprecedented time.

Fresh food, staple household items and arts and crafts for Archie helped to provide both practical and emotional support to the family, whilst he quick doorstep chats with a friendly face each week allowed connection to be kept up too.

“My favourite ingredients to cook with were the couscous and aubergine. I loved getting the deliveries from the fire engine too and seeing what activity pack I got each week” said Archie. 

Church Case Study

St James, Lancashire

Like communities all over the country, Lockdown was incredibly difficult. It always seems to be those on the margins that suffer the most with pandemics like this.

We have been working with families struggling with Universal Credit, families losing employment, or families suffering with bereavement. Being able to give out Boxes of Hope at this time has really helped us to support mums and dads in the area by providing food boxes to those who are most in need.

I have dropped food to different families and literally had people crying as they had no idea how they were going to provide a meal that day.

As soon as we recognised the increasing need, TLG were one step ahead and, through the start-up funding, enabled us get going quickly with this provision.

Rob McGibbon, Church Leader

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