Let’s think about…

...supporting children and families impacted by trauma. 

Webinar: Tuesday 2nd November 2021, 19:30 – 20:30

This live 60-minute training webinar will introduce the ‘Let’s think about…..’ Booklet series for supportive adults in the lives of children and teens. A collaboration between TLG and Safe Families, the training will be delivered by Rae Morfin and Fiona Eve, the authors of the booklet series. 

We will jump into each booklet and draw out one aspect to resource and inform on each of the following areas: 

  •  Emotional development 
  •  Attention seeking behaviours 
  •  Traumatic experiences that can affect development 
  •  Dealing with anxiety and Stress 
  •  Looking after your own emotional health too 

TLG Therapeutic Support, working in partnership with: