Fast Track Internship

TLG’s paid internship is a unique leadership opportunity, guaranteed to fast track your career by 11 months of big investment and development.

We are looking for graduates with bags of energy, who want to learn, and are very excited by TLG’s mission: to bring a hope and a future to children struggling in their education. TLG’s internship is not for the fainthearted: it promises to be a hugely rewarding year and we hope that many of our interns will find opportunities to stay in TLG beyond the year.

We have two internship routes available:

Education Internship

Are you interested in teaching? Or a career working with disadvantaged children & young people? Well look no further. We are keen to find some excellent teachers / practitioners in the making. So if you want to get a year of practice under your belt - come and join us. We guarantee that our unique training package, working alongside our senior managers will be hugely beneficial. We also provide an option of a two year internship including a QTS qualification - paid for by us. Places are available across the UK.

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Judith, Education Intern

I did the Education Fast Track as my university placement year. I've realised my potential to encourage others, increased my confidence, and grown in faith. - Judith, Education Intern

Organisational Development Internship

If you are interested in what it takes to become a future charity leader or manager then come and join us at our National Support Centre. You will have the opportunity to work alongside our senior managers: and understand what it takes to roll out a vision on a national level. With opportunities to work alongside a range of teams: there will be huge scope for growth and experience in any of the following areas: strategy, marketing, leadership, people development, sales, operations etc.

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Rob, National Support Intern

TLG’s culture is fun and inclusive, where Fast Trackers are an integral part of the team. I’m so excited to have been offered the opportunity to stay on! - Rob, National Support Intern

How will we invest in you?

  • Regular Fast Track Development Days will focus on your development as a leader, your future career & where you are going
  • Opportunities to explore other organisations & charities will be available throughout the year
  • We are looking for opportunities for fast track interns to explore international issues with the possibility of spending some time in Ghana or Uganda
  • As Fast Track interns - you will get special treatment: team trips out & residentials away to enjoy time together with the team
  • Meeting regularly with a mentor from within the TLG Team we will support your learning throughout the year
  • We will ensure you all have a personal development plan to keep you focused on areas you want to grow in throughout the year.

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