Sarah’s story

For single mum Sarah and her children, the school holidays were a time of anxiety and uncertainty.

“I worry a lot as I struggle to get food in for my kids. Every day I wake up worried that social services are going to come knocking on my door to take away my kids because I haven’t been able to feed them.”

It wasn’t just Sarah who worried about where the food would come from. For the kids too, it was hard to see Mum struggling. “I do worry a lot about food not being in the cupboards as much as we used to have. It’s been very hard for me to see Mum struggle,” says Nicole, Sarah’s 10-year-old.

Thankfully, one of the churches in Sarah’s town had partnered with TLG and was running TLG Make Lunch, giving Sarah and the kids an opportunity to receive a free school meal in the holidays. “It took me a while to walk in. In fact, I was going to turn away. I find it hard to be around new people. But as soon as I walked in Tim, the pastor, started chatting to me and we’ve been coming ever since!”

Make Lunch has not only fed Sarah and her kids, who would have gone hungry in the holidays, but it’s offered so much more. “The people here – they don’t judge you. They talk to you. If you’re upset about something, they listen to you and even pray with you. It’s become like a family.”

Sarah also bravely shared her story in a special BBC News report. Click here to hear watch the full report.

I like lunch club because it means I’m not mithering for food and saying I’m hungry. We make friends and do fun activities like painting. It makes me happy because we get really lovely food. - Brandon, aged 9.