Ruby’s story

When Emma’s daughter Ruby was struggling in school and was offered a TLG Early Intervention coach, little did they know it would start them on an exciting journey of faith and healing.

“I’ve always known Ruby was different. I’ve always wanted her to know how special she is and that’s what I tell her. 

Because of Ruby’s Asperger’s, she didn’t find school the easiest of places. Loud noises in assembly would totally freak her out so she would have to be warned when things were about to get loud. During the school day she would lock all of her emotions inside. If anything didn’t meet her routine she’d have a huge emotional outburst. She’d be crying all the way home. It would be like the whole world had ended! 

It wasn’t just school time either. I remember one time in the summer and we’d decided to take a family day trip to Whitby. We’d had such a lovely day on the beach but then it came to the time when we had to go home. Ruby was screaming and screaming. She just could not accept that we had to leave. It was hard on me and it was hard on Ruby. 

As Ruby’s time at primary school began to draw to a close, I was apprehensive. How would she cope at secondary school? New faces, busy corridors, dozens of teachers, not to mention how huge it was compared to the school she was in. It was clear that Ruby was beginning to worry too. 

That’s when Jo came along. Jo was Ruby’s Early Intervention coach from one of the churches in Bradford. She helped Ruby, whose confidence had hit a real low, to feel ready for the challenges ahead. During their weekly sessions, they’d chat about how Ruby was feeling. Jo built her up and reminded her how special she is. Together they visited her secondary school, at busy times and quiet times. They met the staff together and helped Ruby to become familiar with the school. I’m certain that without Jo, Ruby wouldn’t have got on as well at secondary school as she has. She’s even been made a prefect already! 

Jo – she’s an angel. With her, our lives have totally turned around. We were invited by Jo on a TLG Family Adventure Weekend. That weekend changed my life. I lost my mum three years ago to cancer and she was my best friend. It led to me suffering from depression and anxiety. But on the TLG weekend away, I found God. I knew I needed something that was missing and I’d been searching to fill the gap in my life after my mum had died. 

I came away from the weekend so much happier. We’re part of a church now too – the same one as Jo. Because of my depression the doctors wanted to give me anti-depressants and that’s not the road that I wanted to go down. But going to church has helped me more than any anti-depressant or bereavement counselling could do; now I know God’s got a plan for all of us and that God loves us.”

Now I know God’s got a plan for all of us and that God loves us.