Kizzy’s story

When Kizzy was referred to one of our London education centres, she came with a warning. Our team was told that there was no way this girl could turn things back around. Despite the terrible mistakes that blighted her school career, Kizzy’s future is looking more hopeful than ever. 

“For me, school was really hard. I wasn’t the girl that listened or did things straight away. I was that girl who was always in detentions for silly things like not doing my homework, walking out of the classroom, not bringing in my PE kit. I was always arguing back. 

Through all the schools I’ve been to, both primary school and secondary school, I’d say I was the worst behaved child in the school. In fact, the teachers used to tell me that. In secondary school, my head teacher would say, 'your behaviour’s very bad. I’ve never had a child behave like this.' Primary school was so up and down. I’d just arrived in the UK from Cameroon and it was hard to settle in. I’d be well behaved one day and the next day I’d start arguing and having fights. It was just a routine of being good, being bad, being good, being bad. 

In year 7, I got excluded from mainstream school for fighting the head teacher. For a month I was at home. No school. Nothing to do.

They wanted to send me to a PRU (Pupil Referral Unit). I didn’t like the sound of that. I knew that once you’re in a PRU it can be hard to get back into mainstream school. But they told me about this other school called TLG. They told me it might help my chances of getting back into mainstream. 

TLG has helped me a lot. They helped me to change my behaviour. At mainstream school I was the worst behaved, but now at TLG I think I’m the best behaved! Now I focus on my work and not the banter that’s going on around me. 

I like it here at TLG. The staff are supportive. Whenever there’s a problem you can call them over and they will come and help you. You can always talk to them if something’s happening to you. Whatever’s going on at home, at school, or even outside of school, you can always talk to them. 

I think there’s a difference between teachers that like students and teachers that care for their students as if they are their own children. At TLG, they treat us with the same kindness they would their own children. 

Thank you TLG for not giving up on me because now I’ve got plans for my future and I want to be a physiotherapist. If it weren’t for TLG, I don’t think I’d still be in school. They gave me a chance and I’m so grateful."

At TLG, they treat us with the same kindness they would their own children