Aimee’s story

"Every day, I never wanted to leave my mum or my dad. I always used to cry."

Before Aimee began her Early Intervention coaching, her young life was gripped by an anxiety that filled her with fear at the thought going to school.

Her parents considered it a miracle if Aimee came in for a full week and, heartbreakingly, they felt like they couldn't even go on holiday together because of Aimee's anxieties. 

Then Aimee met her TLG Early Intervention coach, Ntombi, and things started to change. Dramatically.

Using a range of strategies and TLG coaching resources, Ntombi and Aimee were able to talk about her struggles and build upon her confidence with amazing results.

 "My anxieties are now 100% better and Ntombi's really helped me through it," describes Aimee. "I used to be at zero percent and now I've shot up to one hundred, somehow!" 

The bond that they have formed during their weekly, hour-long sessions is incredible,. "I'm so proud of you, Aimee. You've done so much and you've put in all the hard work yourself - it's not just me," Ntombi explains. "It's me and you working together," she adds.

Aimee's outlook has changed so much that it's enabled her family to take their first ever holiday together.

"Even if you don't like stuff, it's always best to try and do it," explains Amy. "Once you've done it, you should be proud of yourself for doing it. You just have to push yourself sometimes." 

Right now, because of what Ntombi has helped me with, I feel like I want to be like Ntombi. I want to help other children. You have been amazing and you've helped me through a lot. So thank you!